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Posted | 10-11-2017, 12:49 PM

Darkness. That's all he saw, that's all he knew. Cold. That's all he felt, that's all he knew. It was always like that for him. No light, no sun. He thought he was alone, he knew he was alone. He hoped he wasn't the only thing to exist on this planet. Suddenly there was light, and warmth. He heard voices, ones he couldn't understand. He opened his violet eyes, looking around him. He didn't even think, he took off. High, high into the sky he flew, his silver scales glinting in the sun. He saw furless creatures standing on two legs. The stared at him, pointed at him, the voices got louder, and they pulled out sharp objects. He flew up higher, up into the clouds. He flew fast, far, far away. He saw a mountain, he landed. This world was different from what he imagined, scarier. He closed his eyes, thinking. He felt smaller. He opened his eyes. He was bare, and he was furless. Just like the creatures he saw outside. He huffed, walking down the mountain. He looked around, seeing a small village. He walked into the village, the village elder walked up to him. he asked him many questions, he simply answered I don't know, or I don't remember. The furless creature gave him what he called a toga, and showed him around. The elder asked his name. He gave one answer." Celeste."