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Updated 3/20/2017

The City: A Fata Morgana

Floor 783: Grootslang

> Landmark: Ninka Nanka
>> Minerva Art Gallery [Notes: Acedia Family Headquarters ]
>> Elysian Herald Newsroom [Notes: White Rabbit Territory]
> Landmark: Tikoloshe
>> Bank of the City [Notes: Ira Family Headquarters ]
> Grootslang Precinct [Notes: Legion Headquarters]

Floor 401: Monai

> Landmark: Caipora
>> The Snake's Den [Notes: Avaritia Family Headquarters]
>> The Watchtower [Notes: Spirit Detectives Territory]
> Landmark: Chonchon
> City Hall
> Monai Precinct [Notes: Legion Headquarters]

Floor 385: Vetala

> Landmark: Nagini
>> Swindler's Edge [Notes: Superbia Family Headquarters]
> Landmark: Peri
>> Eleutheria Gyrm [Notes: Neutral Ground]
> Vetala Precinct [Notes: Legion Headquarters]

Floor 319: Behemoth

> Landmark: Hurroc
>> Lujuria's Suite [Notes: Gula Family Headquarters]
> Landmark: Golem
>>Tyche Casino [Notes: Invidia Family Headquarters]
> Behemoth Precinct [Notes: Legion Headquarters]

Floor 113: Ghost Town

> Landmark: Tengu
>> The Warehouse [Notes: Luxuria Family Headquarters]
> Landmark: Qilin
> Ghost Town Precinct [Notes: Legion Headquarters]

Floor (?): Other Destinations

> Landmark: Tonton Macoute
> The Grand Library

Below Ground: Panopticon