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Open Threads

Want People to Easily Jump into Your Open?

This is a library of open threads on the site! Post here after you've made an open, if you want people to jump in. Please let us know the maximum capacity of people you'd like to join. If you no longer wish to let people hip-hop into your open, you can also post in this thread to have your open removed from the list!

Open Threads

Strolling the Park: My sweetie, Sage, wandering around a park | I GUESS LIKE 5???

Dognapped: Crow is in trouble for kidnapping someone's dog | Up to 2

Leather and Lace: First tread with Rory, trying to get her settled in. Currently just enjoying a glass of wine in a pub. | The more the merrier

To Build a Red Brick Road: Van transporting cadavers starts dropping a trail of body parts behind it as it moves along the streets of Vetala. Food truck coming through! | Up to 5

Oh, COME ON!: Minjae just dropped his phone thanks to someone bumping into him... Great addition to an already lousy day. | Max number of TWO

Before I Fall: Lilith's foot accidentally slips while parkouring. Someone catch her! | Max of 2

Sixth Sense: Ruiji is out and about at a market. Is there something fishy happening or is it nerves? | Max of 3!

Wicked Game: Jinki is trolling the streets at night. That is never good for all involved. | Max of 4

Heart Attack: Mack is at the Floating Gardens and is contemplating life. Break her of this habit | Max of 3

lorem ipsum: Byhalia is coming back from a job in the dark of night from the Red Light district. Trigger encounter! | Max of 4

Digging: Buck is playing detective and poking around where no one should. I've got some scumbags planned, looking for one or two bystanders or fellow crime fighters who want to get swept up in the action. | Max of 2

Remember to remove asterisks!

Thread URL: URL to open thread
Thread Title: Title of the thread
Thread Description: A short teaser about the thread; entice people to join!
Number: Max number of people that can join